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adv. (alternative form of where from=Appalachian English)

Usage examples of "whar".

I took up my hatchet dat I had in de bote, whar I split liteard wid and hit him on de head.

Ef I knowed whar to find em, deys some my white folkes lib in dis town.

Georgia en buy me er farm whar I kin git rich mekin cotton en terbakker.

De creeturs all went ter de place whar dey live at, en done des like dey allers done.

Us started us a wuk-shop down on dis same old Oconee River, close by whar Oconee Street is now.

You better stay up here in the mountains whar you belong and live on roots and nuts and jackrabbits like the other Piutes, red or white!

Mattie, er way bak dere in Souf Alabama, down below Montgomery, in de hills, en on de big place whut our ole marster, William Green, had, en whar de tanyard wuz.

Yo see, old marster, he runned er big tanyard wid all de res of he bizness, whar dey tan de hides en mek de shoes en leather harness en sich lak, en den too, marster, he raise eberything on de place.

Effen Ah’d had a notion ‘twuz Mist’ Frank you wuz affer, Ah’d stayed home whar Ah b’longs.

Dey’s awfisses whar furriners stays dat buy us Confedruts’ cotton an’ ship it outer Cha’ston and Wilmin’ton an’ ship us back gunpowder.

Mass' Theodore Clay say, his father so good to everybody, he know he'll send us back if we tell him how we got stole--says his father allers hope folks whar gits in trouble.

Vine say de little gal whar waits in de house gits her back cut up powerful, and she's a sickly little thing.