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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Whan \Whan\, adv. When. [Obs.]


Whan or WHAN may refer to:

  • Bob Whan (born 1933), Australian politician
  • Steve Whan (born 1964), Australian politician
  • William Taylor Whan (1829-1901), Irish botanist

WHAN is a Variety formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Ashland, Virginia, serving Ashland and Hanover County, Virginia. WHAN is owned by Fifth Estate Broadcasting, LLC and operated by the University of Virginia.

Usage examples of "whan".

I hae said, and whan he didna come, I took my hat--that was about a half-hoor efter the laird left me--and gaed oot to luik for him.

I wot nat if he happened to fortune upon suche an other: for whan it was commaunded that the grammar maisters shulde teche the youth of Englande ioyntly latin with frenche, there were diuerse suche bokes diuysed: wherupon, as I suppose, began one great occasyon why we of England sounde the latyn tong so corruptly, whiche haue as good a tonge to sounde all maner speches parfitely as any other nacyon in Europa.

For whan they sawe the youth of Athenes and of al the remanent of Grece inclyned to al ylles they toke occasion to note suche myslyuinge.

Joe Begbie blooters a guy whae wisnae a Hun, or even gaun tae the fitba, jist a punk guy wi a mohawk.

But whan man or wuman repents and heumbles himsel, there is He to lift them up, and that higher than ever they stede afore!

But ye see, he said the Lord was merciful to ither fowk whan he rendert to the wicked the punishment due to them.

The Huns are in a mess, nane ay the cunts near us want tae come ahead, but while thir jist standin thaire mouthin it, thir stoapin a load ay big fuckin bad bastards whae want tae git through fae gittin tae us.

Aw these poisonous vapours filled the air, and every cunt moved doonwind, except that Polmont, whae didnae seem tae bother.

It wis pride in yir toon or village, in whae ye are, whaire ye come fae.

Mr Black, eh says, nodding tae Blackie whae stands up next, settin oaf another buzz ay whispers aroond the hall.

Terry spits oot, hands oan ehs hips, shakin ehs heid, pittin me in mind ay an exasperated fitba player whae expects nae justice fae a biased referee.

Then thir wis the cooler heids whae saw it as a civil war and wanted tae calm things doon.

Sharon turned tae Phil whae wis still looking ahead, sheet crushed tae his gut.

Mugs, ah laugh, catchin a whiff ay Alec, whae smells even mair foul than usual.

Visions, prologus: In a somer seson whan soft was the sonne I went wyde in this world wondres to here, Ac on a May mornynge on Malvern hulles Me befel a ferly of fairy me thoughte, I was wery forwandred and went me to reste Under a brode bank bi a bornes side And as I lay and leued and loked in the wateres I slombred in a slepyng it sweyved so merye.