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Usage examples of "whae".

Joe Begbie blooters a guy whae wisnae a Hun, or even gaun tae the fitba, jist a punk guy wi a mohawk.

The Huns are in a mess, nane ay the cunts near us want tae come ahead, but while thir jist standin thaire mouthin it, thir stoapin a load ay big fuckin bad bastards whae want tae git through fae gittin tae us.

Aw these poisonous vapours filled the air, and every cunt moved doonwind, except that Polmont, whae didnae seem tae bother.

It wis pride in yir toon or village, in whae ye are, whaire ye come fae.

Mr Black, eh says, nodding tae Blackie whae stands up next, settin oaf another buzz ay whispers aroond the hall.

Terry spits oot, hands oan ehs hips, shakin ehs heid, pittin me in mind ay an exasperated fitba player whae expects nae justice fae a biased referee.

Then thir wis the cooler heids whae saw it as a civil war and wanted tae calm things doon.

Sharon turned tae Phil whae wis still looking ahead, sheet crushed tae his gut.

Mugs, ah laugh, catchin a whiff ay Alec, whae smells even mair foul than usual.

Horst produces a delegate badge and gies it tae Birrell whae selfconsciously clips it oan.

Rolf builds a spliff n ah take a toke, passin it back, avoidin Birrell whae waves it away anywey.

Any cunt whae disnae huv a silver spoon in thir mooth or isnae prepared tae be an arse-licking wanker cannae live within the law back thair.

Cannae go roond tellin ivraybody whae thuv goat tae fuckin well mairray, eh?

Gray dust smoked up behind in a fast-falling spray as the Whae crept from shadow pool to shadow pool like some ancient monster exploring a fatally arid landscape for coolness and water to wet its laboring gills and primitive lung.

Before vision returned the Whae had butted its armored head into a great boulder that guarded the opposite wall of the pass like a hulking sentry.