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n. (plural of whack English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: whack)

Usage examples of "whacks".

The whacks of firing crossbows seemed to come from everywhere and were echoed by the loud splintering thumps of quarrels slamming into the deck and the crates around her.

He holds up his newspapers, whacks the dollar brandishing moppet with the back of his hand.

Just after he whacks the Enter key to send this command in to Tombstone, he hears an electrical buzzing noise from the van that makes his hair stand on end for a moment.

whacks the broad, whacks the puppy dog, and then finally he whacks himself.

Leofwin's blade wrenched itself from its owner's hand and began making short, harmless whacks at the earthen floor.

The whacks were harmless enough, at least, until the Prince tried to regain his blade and it mistook his fingers for onions.