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WGL may refer to:

  • WGL (AM), an AM radio station located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
  • WJCI, an FM radio station located in Huntington, Indiana, which held the call sign WGL-FM from 2007 to 2014
  • WGL (software) a window management interface for OpenGL on Windows platforms
  • Waveform Generation Language
  • Windows Glyph List 4
  • WGL Holdings, Inc. or its subsidiary, the Washington Gas Light Company.

WGL ("Fox Sports 1250 AM") is an AM radio station located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The station operates on the frequency of 1250 kHz and is owned by Adams Radio Group. It airs a Sports radio format, with most programs coming from Fox Sports Radio.


WGL or Wiggle is an API between OpenGL and the windowing system interface of Windows. WGL is analogous to EGL, which is an interface to OpenGL ES and OpenVG, as well as to CGL, which is the OS X interface to OpenGL.