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alt. (abbreviation of well-formed formula English) init. (abbreviation of well-formed formula English)


WFF may refer to:

  • Wallops Flight Facility, a NASA facility located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, primary use is a rocket launch site to support science and exploration missions for NASA and other federal agencies
  • well-formed formula, in logic, linguistics, and computer science, a symbol or string of symbols that is generated by the formal grammar of a formal language
  • WFF 'N PROOF, a game developed to teach principles of logic through well-formed formulas
  • Montreal World Film Festival, one of Canada's oldest international film festivals
  • Winchester Film Festival, in Hampshire, UK, a free public event which takes place over three days in October each year
  • Woodhull Freedom Foundation & Federation, a nonprofit created "to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right"
  • World's Funniest Fails, a U.S. TV series
  • World Fitness Federation, the international bodybuilding organisation formed in 1968