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WFA may refer to:

  • Women's Football Association, the body that regulated women's football in England from 1969 until 1993
  • Wilmington First Assembly, Pentecostal church located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA
  • Weapons Factory Arena, Quake III Arena class-based mod
  • Weight for Age, one of the conditions for a race in thoroughbred horse racing
  • Wellington Free Ambulance, service in New Zealand
  • Western Finance Association, finance society
  • Wi-Fi Alliance, trade group promoting IEEE 802.11 equipment
  • Wilderness first aid, in the United States, the name of a certification in wilderness medicine
  • World Fantasy Award, international award for works of fantasy
  • World Federalist Association, former name of Citizens for Global Solutions
  • World Federation of Advertisers, global trade association for advertisers
  • World Fighting Alliance, professional mixed martial arts organization
  • We're From America, Marilyn Manson Song
  • Women's Football Alliance, American tackle football league
  • World Flair Association
  • World For All
  • We Fight Alone, counter-strike clan from Sweden.