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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wey \Wey\, n. Way; road; path. [Obs.]


Wey \Wey\, v. t. & i. To weigh. [Obs.]


Wey \Wey\, n. [OE. weye, AS. w?ge weight. ????. See Weight.] A certain measure of weight. [Eng.] ``A weye of Essex cheese.''
--Piers Plowman.

Note: A wey is 6? tods, or 182 pounds, of wool; a load, or five quarters, of wheat, 40 bushels of salt, each weighing 56 pounds; 32 cloves of cheese, each weighing seven pounds; 48 bushels of oats and barley; and from two cwt. to three cwt. of butter.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

dry goods weight of fixed amount (but varying over time and place), Old English weg "scales, balance, weight" (see weigh).


n. An old English measure of weight containing 224 pounds; equivalent to 2 hundredweight.

Wey (unit)

The wey or weight ( Old English: , waege,  "weight") was an English unit of weight and dry volume by at least  900, when it begins to be mentioned in surviving legal codes. __NOTOC__

Wey (state)

Wey (; Old Chinese: *ɢʷat-s, commonly spelled "Wey" to distinguish from the later Wei 魏 state) was an ancient Chinese state that was founded in the early Western Zhou dynasty and rose to prominence during the Spring and Autumn period. Its rulers were of the surname Ji , the same as that of the rulers of Zhou. Its original location was on the North China Plain just east of the Shanxi plateau and north and west of the Yellow River. Jin was to the west and Cao to the east.

Usage examples of "wey".

The big radge looked back in a wey that made ye feel sorry fir the Alsatians.

Youse are so beautiful tae yir pals, ah love the wey thit yis aw look eftir each other, ah kin really feel that comin fae yis n ah kin pick up aw that cause bein a twin makes ye mair sensitive .

Aberdeen oan the cairds fir weeks, n they didnae want it ruined by what they saw as a few schemies huvin a fight ower some daft bird, n drawin polis heat thair wey.

Snap should and could be the best band ever, but this kind of shite goat in the wey.

Ye huv tae look oot fir the cunt sometimes, because eh goes ehs ain wey n sometimes people git the wrong idea.

I fell helplessly, in full sight of the Martians, upon the broad, bare gravelly spit that runs down to mark the angle of the Wey and Thames.

This excellent institution occupies Westbrook Place, an old house at Godalming, close to the railway, which passes so close as to cut off one corner of the park, and of the malodorous tanyard between the remnant of grounds and the river Wey that once washed them.

This knyght, thurgh Sathanas temptaciouns, All softely is to the bed ygo, And kitte the throte of Hermengyld atwo, And leyde the blody knyf by dame Custance, And wente his wey, ther God yeve hym meschance!

Ther cam a privee theef men clepeth Deeth, That in this contree al the peple sleeth, And with his spere he smoot his herte atwo, And wente his wey withouten wordes mo.

For as by wey of possibilitee, Sith thou art at thy large of prisoun free, And art a lord, greet is thyn avauntage Moore than is myn, that sterve here in a cage.

And right anoon, withouten moore abood, His baner he desplayeth, and forth rood To Thebesward, and al his hoost biside, No neer Atthenes wolde he go ne ride, Ne take his ese fully half a day, But onward on his wey that nyght he lay- And sente anon Ypolita the queene, And Emelye, hir yonge suster sheene, Unto the toun of Atthenes to dwelle- And forth he rit.

His goode steede al he bistrood, And forth upon his wey he glood As sparcle out of the bronde.

But he that hath mysseyd, I dar wel sayn, He may by no wey clepe his word agayn.

Wey, he thought to himself, there were legends aboot the Castle rock an’.