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Wevorce is a mediation legal technology company specializing in amicable divorce.

Co-founded by a former attorney Michelle Crosby and marketing executive Jeff Reynolds, the company uses alternative dispute resolution techniques combined with its own 5-step methodology and technology. Wevorce's technology reduce's the cost of divorce to between $1,800 to $10,000, about one-third the national average of a typical divorce.

Some people, including American attorney and legal analyst Ann-Margaret Carrozza, say that the Wevorce methodology may not be suitable for all couples going through divorce: "If we have a couple who fight like cats and dogs, then I would strong caution against going the Wevorce route".

Originally founded in Boise, Idaho, the company relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area when it was selected to participate in Y Combinator, a Mountain View, California based startup accelerator, and then returned to Boise in 2013 to build the company. The company has raised $7 million in venture capital funding.