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contraction (context informal nonstandard English) (alternative form of we've English)

Usage examples of "weve".

The man with the eye-patch sat silently for a long moment, then said, Well, weve somehow gained a year.

Besides, with all those losses weve had, I got five-to-two odds in favour of the apprentices.

Weve had three sizeable border skirmishes between barons in the East - not anything to have Lyam send out his own army, but enough to make everyone east of Malacs Cross nervous.

WeVe all talked to him about it over the years, but he backslides from time to time.

When weve got the proof that the Banders are murderers and Mavin figures out how to kill those things, tell me then that Im pretty, will you?

Weve been thoughtless, keeping you up well into the dynasts sleep time after what must have been a terrible cycle for you-- More than you know, Alfred said to himself sadly, with a shudder.

I dont want to bother the count with painful questions, but weve got to rid Sir Bevier of his obsession.

The start at the beginning and go through to the end1 principle that weve all been raised with dates back to classical Greek thought as transmitted by the Romans, and, as part of Aristotelian logic, it forms the basis of modern science and the scientific world-view (though one that modern physics is beginning to undermine).

Weve got energy shields and they cant just destroy us at a blow, but they can wear us down eventually--quite soon, in fact--and then destroy us.

Weve got new land thats been waiting for us for thousands of years, while the rest of the world was being ripped apart in the lousy fumblings of pre-atomic time.

If you want to be intimate friends, and I think you want that as much as I do, weve got to be regular friends first.

Weve pushed them and shoved them and lumbered them with machines till theyre afraid the next clanking item down the pike is going to put them on the bread line.

Oh, the bridges weve gone over that trembled to our step, girl, let me tell you, its no joke when a band must break step to keep a bridge from collapsing.

Weve got to go and see my granny this morning, and Susie said shed call for me here.

But as luck would have it, I could not find any reference to the book in the computer or in the old card catalogue or even in the very old catalogue which weve saved in the basement.