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Wes or WES may refer to:

  • Wes (given name), a common diminutive for "Wesley", including a list of persons with the name
  • Wes Madiko (born 1964), Cameroonian musician, better known as "Wes"
  • William Wesley (born 1964), basketball facilitator known as "Worldwide Wes"
  • Wesel (district), code used on German vehicle registration plates
  • WES Commuter Rail (Westside Express Service), a commuter rail line in Oregon, United States
  • Whole exome sequencing, a technique for sequencing the expressed genes in a genome
  • Wiltshire Emergency Services, the collaboration of emergency services in Wiltshire, England
  • Windows Embedded Standard, an embedded operating system based on Microsoft Windows XP
  • Women's Engineering Society. A professional society of women engineers, scientists and technologists set up 1919.
  • World Education Services, a non-profit organization whose goal is to evaluate international credentials
  • Warehouse execution system, a software system used in distribution centers
  • Workplace Exposure Standards, a set of chemical exposure limits established by the New Zealand Department of Labour, see Threshold limit value
Wes (given name)

Wes is a common English given name, often a diminutive for Wesley. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "wes".

Napoleon habe Recht gehabt, zu sagen: Man kenne nicht das eigentliche Wesen des Handels.

Brunswick belongs almost entirely to the basin of the river Weser, into which the Oker, the Aller and the Leine, having their sources in the Harz, discharge their waters.

Winkler, Philosophische Untersuchungen von dem Seyn and Wesen der Seelen der Thiere, von einzelnen Liebhabern der Weltweisheit.

Zwei kleine Maedchen, zwei dieser huebschen, untersetzten Wesen mit den Haarbandeaux, den zu grossen Fuessen und den unbedenklichen Sitten, die Arm in Arm und abenteuerlustig an ihm vorueberschlenderten, stiessen sich an und lachten, legten sich vornueber und gerieten ins Laufen vor Lachen ueber seine Kapuze und sein Gesicht.

Lower Weser, retiring successively from Hamelen to Nienburgh, Verden, Rothenburgh, Buxtehude, and lastly to Stade, where, for want of subsistence and elbow-room, the troops were all made prisoners of war at large.

First came the Gestapo man who had arrested Eva and me when we were bathing out by the mouth of the Weser, and the summery sound of lazily lapping waves suddenly imposed itself upon the proceedings in court.

The electorate was summoned by Mortier on the 25th of May, and the Hanoverians being unable to resist, soon capitulated possession was taken of the country, and Mortier was enabled to control the navigation of the Elbe, and the Weser, as well as to levy contributions on the rich towns of Hamburg and Bremen.

Again, we would be staggering through the tide-rips and overfalls that infest the open fairway of the Weser on our passage between the Fork and the Pike.

Hervorden, and formed the rear guard, passed the Weser on the side of Remen, without any molestation, and encamped at Holtzuysen.

Clausthal-Zelterfeld, past Seesen and Goslar, across where the river Leine would be, and reaching toward Weser.

Contades, with thirty thousand men, had taken up an unassailable position: his right wing on the Weser, and his left on impassable bogs and quagmires, and with his front covered by the Bastau, a deep and unfordable brook.

July removed his headquarters from Osnabruck to Bompte, near the Weser.

Willy Eggers briefs him on the frontier traffic between Gross-Rosseln and Klein-Rosseln, he brings, because the Dulleck brothers in the hills of the upper Weser had nothing to offer him but country air and three-handed skat, a good case of urban and French-occupied gonorrhea.