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WERR (104.1 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Contemporary Christian format. Licensed to Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, it serves the Puerto Rico area. The station is branded as 104.1 FM Redentor and is currently owned by Radio Redentor, Inc.

Usage examples of "werr".

Or, as they preferred to be known, Ttil, Linnl, and Werr carried packages.

We did werra well at that gate we just passed, so we tries another field.

The day before, as they started into the hills, they had passed a sawmill along the upper Werra, but after that, they had passed into real wilderness.

The duke de Brissac had been advantageously encamped, with his left to the village of Coveldt, having the Werra in his front, and his right extending to the salt-pits.

The dark one, Deacon Werra, a powerful, loose-limbed Polack with bad teeth and only two cauliflower ears, had the physique but didn't know anything but rough clinching and a giant swing that started in the basement and never connected.