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n. 1 (context obsolete English) A man. 2 (context obsolete English) wergeld.


WER or Wer may refer to:

  • Weak echo region, in meteorology, an area of markedly lower reflectivity within thunderstorms resulting from an increase in updraft strength
  • Word error rate, in computational linguistics, a common metric of measuring the performance of a speech recognition system
  • Windows Error Reporting, a feature of Windows XP and later operating systems
  • Western Entrance to the Riedbahn, the western approach of the Riedbahn in Mannheim, Germany
  • Wer (god), an Akkadian god
  • Were, an archaic term for adult male humans
  • Wiki Educational Resources Limited, the legal name of the first Wikimedia UK chapter
  • Wer (film), a 2013 horror film
Wer (god)

Wer is an Akkadian storm god, a minor deity linked with Adad and Amurru. His attendant is the fierce guardian of the pine forest, Humbaba, the focus of one of the Gilgamesh epic sagas. His cult centres include Afis, south of Aleppo.

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Wer (film)

Wer is a 2013 American slasher horror film directed by William Brent Bell. The film stars A.J. Cook as a defense attorney who discovers that her client is a werewolf. The film was released in Japan on November 16, 2013, and was released to VOD in the United States in August 2014.

Usage examples of "wer".

I did declare to my wife, Katharine my dowghter, Arthur and Rowland, how things wer thus taken.

Who for their deeds and martiall feates, As bookes done yett record, Amongst all other nations Wer feared through the world.

It were a good deed if the Goddesse and thy master here, would put thee to death, for thou art worthy to be imprisoned and to weare out these yrons, that stalest my slippers away when thou werest at my baines yester night.

Pferde lebten in Saus und Braus, und man kann sich fragen, wer dabei ausgelassener wurde.

Wi a new pecve on e conl he was exercis over s wts d e s R was put on , Pfl felt eHcable need to test s newly scoved wer she had over .

Wer einem von ihnen hilft oder ihn hindert, soll nichts verlieren als sein Leben!

This is no song for such a place, unhoused, in the dark, where wers howl in the distance.

Then they heard the wers bunch together, and Cadvan reached for his sword.

They were not a prepossessing sight: both were smeared and spattered with the foul blood of the wers, and their faces were black with ash.

He has news of our battle with the wers, and claims to be honored to host such warriors.

It was passing through his head that he would much rather deal with a dozen wers than a girl having her first period.

She remembered how the land had silenced around them near the Landrost, when the wers had been pursuing them.

They kept the wers behind them, whipping them back with cruel thongs, so they yelped and howled.

All the wers were ablaze, with white fire running along their backs and lapping down their sides, and they snapped and howled like mad things and bolted away from the flames.

There were more frequent sightings of wers and other servants of the Dark, and for the first time since the Restoration, Hulls were seen in Annar.