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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wep \Wep\, obs. imp. of Weep.


vb. (context obsolete English) (en-past of: weep)


WEP may stand for:

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy,(WEP) A wireless network security standard. Sometimes erroneously called Wireless Encryption Protocol.
  • War emergency power, for fighter aircraft
  • Weak equivalence principle, stating that the trajectory of a falling test particle is independent of its composition
  • West European Politics , a journal of comparative politics
  • Windfall Elimination Provision, a statutory provision to change the amount of Social Security Title II benefits a beneficiary receives
  • World Events Productions
  • Microsoft Entertainment Pack, a computer game collection often called the Windows Entertainment Pack
  • Words of Estimative Probability, terms used by intelligence analysts to convey the likelihood of a future event occurring
  • Women's Equality Party, political party in the United Kingdom

Usage examples of "wep".

Weps, set Mark 50 torpedoes in tubes three and four to surface homing mode, shallow transit, medium-to-low active snake search, wake homing mode on reacquisition, anti-self homing disabled, anti-circular run disabled.

And eek his herte hadde compassioun Of wommen, for they wepen evere in oon.