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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wencher \Wench"er\ (w[e^]nch"[~e]r), n. One who wenches; a lewd man.


n. (context uncommon English) One who chases women in a lecherous manner.


n. someone who patronizes prostitutes

Usage examples of "wencher".

This young hero had been created by God to be either a great leader or prophet, or a wencher and enjoyer of life.

He had been a tremendous wencher in his day, but in wartime he had kept away from women.

You must indeed be an incorrigible wencher, if you can find it in your heart to say a word to that fat cow!

Mungo, near thirty years of age, was an insatiable wencher on land and a predatory pederast at sea.

And must believe also that all Roma perceived him not as a handsome young prince who might yet achieve great things but only as the idle wencher and gambler and dissipated profligate rogue that he was in his own eyes.

One such warrior was Kothar, cast up by the sea in the northlands of his world, a sellsword and a mercenary, a wencher after the women of his day, a freebooter and a thief, at times, whose sword Frostfire was a magic sword.

Sam was a random guy, a big restless, reckless lantern-jawed ex-marine, a brawler, a wencher, a two-fisted drinker.

Kitty, who married the banker Bolenski after divorcing that dreadful old wencher Lyovka Tolstoy, the writer.

For debauchery, no one was a better guide to the taverns, bagnios, billiards halls and whorehouses than William Hickey in his Memoirs of a Georgian Rake while Wits, Wenchers and Wantons by E.