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The heavily glaciatedWeißkamm is an Alpine chain that includes the Weißkugel and Wildspitze , the two highest peaks in the Ötztal Alps. Starting from the Weißkugel the Weißkamm runs for about 20 kilometres to the northwest towards Sölden. Other ridges branch off the Weißkamm striking northwards. From west to east these are the Glockturmkamm, the Kaunergrat and the Geigenkamm. The Weißkugel is where the Weißkamm joins the Schnalskamm, which runs in an easterly direction.

The Gepatschferner and the Mittelbergferner are the two largest glaciers in the Ötztal Alps; both are situated in the area of the Weißkamm. Together with the Kesselwandferner, Vernagtferner and Taschachferner they form an almost unbroken ice sheet.

Apart from the Weißkugel and the Wildspitze, other important summits on the Weißkamm are the Fluchtkogel , the Hochvernagtspitze , the Hinterer Brunnenkogel and the Hinterer Brochkogel