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n. (plural of weird English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: weird)

Usage examples of "weirds".

There were several of the little boxes the weirds sometimes posted where the view would serve a spy, and Old Grendel would not pass in front of those.

She wanted a closer look, but there were too many of the weirds, and they were alert.

It enabled her to stay underwater longer than the weirds would believe possible.

The weirds were intruders in a situation unchanged since the beginning of time.

If the Strongest One changed her mind, brought other weirds to kill her, they would not find Old Grendel.

She thrashed her tail, and carefully hooked it through the outer layer of skin, the loose, half-shed skin that all of the weirds seemed to like.

There was this about the weirds: no other grendel, no other kind of grendel had studied them like she had.

She could hear it coming, rumble-roar-splash, and she smelled a stink of lightning and heat and volcanic chemicals: one of the dead things, the shells that the weirds grew so that they could run on speed.

Even the dam builders did not cooperate like weirds, and no grendel was so feeble.

With speed raging through her blood, she wove a path among the weirds, brushing one and another but hurting none.

The snow grendels had frightened the weirds, and they were far too likely to investigate what they feared.

The puzzle beasts moved west in a great mass, with weirds all around them.

The weirds flew through the air in humming flyers, the daughters of God.

There was another use for speed, one that the weirds had not dreamed of.