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n. (plural of weirdo English)

Weirdos (film)

Weirdos is a Canadian drama film, slated to debut at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was directed by Bruce McDonald and written by Daniel MacIvor.

Set in Nova Scotia in 1976, the film stars Dylan Authors as Kit, a teenager living in a small town with his single father ( Allan Hawco) and grandmother ( Cathy Jones), who enlists the help of his girlfriend Alice (Julia Sarah Stone) to run away and live with his mother ( Molly Parker).

Usage examples of "weirdos".

The nighborhood had fallen slowly but surely to winos, weirdos, shot-spans and gangs of vicious children.

There were the usual types of real-life weirdos -- clippies and stickies and nudies and people walking about shrouded in opaque anonymity chadors -- but all of this was secondary.

A lot of colossally stoned weirdos in varibus attitudes of abandon, a lot of unconscious weirdos, and one or two weirdos lazily making love by the fire, while what must have looked like a shaved monkey played the piano and a talking dog sang along in a fake German accent.

Almost overnight unorthodox behaviour had become the new orthodoxy, long-haired weirdos became the norm and patriotic boys with crew cuts started to look like freaks.

Despite Shockley’s attitude, the rest of the expatriates began to accept the twins, lumping us together as weirdos of the most perverted sort, yet explicable in our weirdness.

And so he'd come to encourage these occasional weekend house parties at which departmental staff, both past and present, were usually represented along with a sprinkling of the artists, tycoons, eccentrics and weirdos whom Silas had encountered during his very long and career.

That you could dig up that many weirdos to contribute to one story is a tribute to investigative journalism.

Or when lonely weirdos started using dittos for sex, muddying all the boundaries between fantasy, infidelity, and self-abuse.