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adv. in a weird manner


adv. in a weird manner; "she was dressed weirdly"

Usage examples of "weirdly".

The aeronaut dangled weirdly head downward among the leaves and branches some yards away, and Bert only discovered him as he turned from the aeroplane.

Rocks and bushes and clumps of raspberry vine that were familiar and friendly in the light of day soon became strange and forbidding night shapes, weirdly lit and twisted beneath the moon.

The ship started out as an Iranian knock-off of a Shenzhou-B capsule, with a Chinese-type 921 space-station module tacked onto its tail: but the clunky, nineteen-sixties lookalike a glittering aluminum dragonfly mating with a Coke can has a weirdly contoured M2P2 pod strapped to its nose.

And even more weirdly, the statue of Great Hest and the body of Vvelz glowed like beacons.

And every night late at night, for the nightly hour, the old man too wide awake, and hunched over weirdly, head out, as if pulled toward the screen.

It was all there, the full moon, the small mild surf showing white, the pale sands of the tiny beach set down among the rocks and glowing weirdly in the moonlight, the low wind surfing through the kiawe trees across the highway, and he had brought a bottle and there was a Thermos full of coffee and the sandwiches she had brought, and even blankets.

Bomba glanced riverward and saw the flickering lights dancing weirdly on the surface.

Switches drove home, most of the fabric of the enemy vessel went out of phase, the voyagers experienced the weirdly uncomfortable acceleration along an impossible vector, and the familiar firmament disappeared into an impalpable but impenetrable murk of featureless, textureless gray.

I jogged across the weirdly dappled lawn, barely ahead of her, my every breath aching in my sides, my feet protesting such ungenteel exertion.

The photophone light continued to flicker at brief intervals with that weirdly semihuman voice.

Snowden for the wrong wound, the yawning, raw, melon-shaped hole as big as a football in the outside of his thigh, the unsevered, blood-soaked muscle fibers inside pulsating weirdly like blind things with lives of their own, the oval, naked wound that was almost a foot long and made Yossarian moan in shock and sympathy the instant he spied it and nearly made him vomit.

He had the curious feeling that in some way that weirdly beautiful, unhuman creature named Adana had been following his thoughts, approved his decision, and because of it had come to some final determination of her own which till now had hung in the balance.

The monster fell, sprawling weirdly over a bank of dials, before it could lift the Legion-type blaster hi its own green tentacles.

Forming shapes that refused to be defined, they moved in weirdly sinuous patterns, their edges overlapping in ways normal shadows did not.

All eyes watched the weirdly painted black ship shudder under the surge of power, and then shoot spaceward as if out of a cannon.