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vb. (en-third-person singular of: weigh)

Usage examples of "weighs".

If the bottle filled with water weighs 50 grams, and there is placed on the pan alongside of it 20 grams of a sand, the weight of the two together will of course be 70 grams.

If the button of metal weighs more than 30 grams, its size is reduced by another scorification in the same scorifier, which should have been replaced in the muffle immediately after the contents had been poured out.

I, with my short grizzled hair sticking up straight, and Sir Henry with his yellow locks, which were getting rather long, were rather a contrast, especially as I am thin, and short, and dark, weighing only nine stone and a half, and Sir Henry is tall, and broad, and fair, and weighs fifteen.

He takes the first, marks it with a number, samples and weighs up the quantity required, and transfers it to a flask, which is similarly marked.

Page is an Englishman, small, with dark hair, age about twenty-six, and weighs about 115 pounds.

La Liberte, a young woman of Pennsylvania, although only sixteen years old, weighs 450 pounds.

The breech-pin measures a little over three inches in length, and weighs 21 ounces, or 75.

At present date he weighs 150 pounds, and drives a huckster wagon for a living, showing very little loss of motion in his lower extremities.

She was nothing but a skeleton when she took the first dose, and to-day she weighs 135 pounds.

As puberty approaches it becomes larger, and in the adult weighs from half an ounce to an ounce.

As a result even I myself felt as if the pall of gloom which weighs us down were somewhat lifted.

INTRODUCTION Now that this book is printed, and about to be given to the world, a sense of its shortcomings both in style and contents, weighs very heavily upon me.

The first is not less than two inches and a half thick and weighs 394 tons.

The second envelope, the keel, twenty inches high and ten thick, weighs only sixty-two tons.

It has been calculated that the whole atmosphere of the earth weighs 5.