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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ There are two hours of prep every weekday evening.
▪ Grocery store banks, open weekday evenings and during the day on weekends, are multiplying across the country.
▪ Weekends and weekday evenings were the most difficult to manage; times when the young people were unoccupied.
▪ It was a comfortable place to spend your weekday evenings, that was for sure.
▪ I mainly run and organise the playgroup sessions which take place each weekday morning, usually for two and a half hours.
▪ They see him every weekday morning drinking coffee at Las Palmas Restaurant after taking his 15-year-old daughter to school.
▪ Headley Playgroup meets at Headley Village Hall every weekday morning from 9.30 to 12.30.
▪ There were not many people at the pool on this weekday morning.
▪ On Sunday he played squash and on weekday mornings he jogged for twenty minutes before work.
▪ She waited for a little while and then the tram came, half-empty on a weekday morning.
▪ A visit to the ancient ruins, especially on a quiet weekday, comes close to a religious experience.
▪ At this meeting are Radio 1's daytime producers and a chairperson who is usually the executive producer of weekday daytime shows.
▪ Carlton which took over the London weekday franchise from Thames, already owns 20 percent of Central.
▪ He averages 70 covers on weekdays and doubles that number on weekends.
▪ There are professionals feasting on rare weekday picnics of wine and poultry and biscuits.
▪ They see him every weekday morning drinking coffee at Las Palmas Restaurant after taking his 15-year-old daughter to school.
▪ Third door: Can you come back on a weekday?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English wicudæge, wucudæge "day of the week" (similar formation in Old High German wehhatag, Old Norse vikudagr). See week + day. In Middle English, any day other than Sunday.


n. Any day of the week except Sunday and often also Saturday.[ American Heritage][ Collins][ Merriam-Webster]

  1. adj. occurring every day of the week except Sunday (and sometimes Saturday); "his weekday commute"; "a weekday newspaper"

  2. n. any day except Sunday (and sometimes except Saturday)

Usage examples of "weekday".

Denis finally found legitimate cause to be in the sacristy alone, washing cruets and sorting linens after a weekday Mass.

Cody proved to be a mannersome child, and he ended up most weekday afternoons with Amy, watching movies on the television.

I started seeing Mel because he was single and not bad-looking and the weekday assistant cook at the coffeehouse, with that interesting bad-boy aura from driving a motorcycle and having a few too many tattoos, and no known serious drawbacks.

He was a success at his job on the Esplanade which occupied him five days a week and on weekday evenings he usually took a walk, or drove out with Rachel, or drank a pint with Tapper Sugg in one or other of the local taverns.

Now when Congress was in session, Henry spent most weekdays at Drumdoe, their country estate in New Jersey, writing his memoirs.

Sundays I spent in the Youth Bible Study Centre, weekdays in the Combined Boys and Girls Elementary and Middle School.

Reservations are recommended at least a day in advance on weekdays, and at least a week in advance on weekends, but walk-ins are welcome too.

Tours by appointment only at 10:30am and 2:30pm weekdays and 10:30am Saturday.

The kids had mentioned that the Sunday School classes and the daycare that sometimes used the room weekdays would also benefit from being able to use the stage.

I read that the Museum of Holography was open from ten to five weekdays, and that the Frick was open on Sundays and I thought of Sunday mornings in bed.

Today was a good day for picnickers and strollers because it was a weekday.

If politicians of all sorts searched diligently amongst their antecedents for proletarianism and denied aristocratic contacts three times before cockcrow every weekday morning, who was I to spoil the fun?

I've wondered from time to time if Tony and Ned's father ever really needed to talk about it - I mean on some late weekday evening when things at the barracks were at their slowest, guys cooping upstairs, other guys watching a movie on the VCR and eating microwave popcorn, just the two of them downstairs from all that, in Tony's office with the door shut.

  She added capfuls of bath oil and bubble bath as the tub filled, a pure indulgence on a weekday morning.

On a weekday the folk were dingily and curiously hung about with dirty rags of housecloth and scarlet flannel, sacking, curtain serge, and patches of old carpet, and went either bare-footed or on rude wooden sandals.