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Could not find any definition of word "weech"

Usage examples of "weech".

Do you agree to giff your whole will to developing your mind to a state in weech power can be entrusted to you?

The offering off yourself will be accepted as symbolic off act weech you would haf performed had you received right teaching when younger.

Wisdom acquired in your past lives has again conquered inhibitions with weech your upbringing shackled you in this.

By act off willingness I refer to performing satisfactorily some work for furtherance off aims off the Brotherhood weech the neophyte is giffen order to do by our High Priest Abaddon.

The task provided ees always suitable for the neophyte to weech it ees given.

Soon now you are given the test weech ees the second stage towards your initiation.

Should you fail in test, then I hypnotize you and you forget place to weech you haf been taken.

He has private house not far off, near Six Miles Bottoms, weech is called the Cedars.