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Weebles is a trademark for several lines of children's roly-poly toys originating in Hasbro's Playskool division on July 23, 1971. Tipping an egg-shaped Weeble causes a weight located at the bottom-center to be lifted off the ground. Once released, gravitational force brings the Weeble back into an upright position. Weebles have been designed to have a variety of shapes, including some designed to look like people and animals, among others.

The popular catchphrase, "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down", was used in advertising during their rise in popularity in the 1970s and during the relaunch in the 2000s. It also appeared in the 2010s relaunch.

The Weebles 1971-2011 Price Guide and Index Book lists and shows every Weeble model made over the past 40 years. There are 21 peelable / 83 regular / 12 tumbling = 116 Weebles in total including all egg shaped sizes and variations made during 1971-1983. In 2010 Hasbro started making a new line of larger egg-shaped Weebles and had produced 42 new Weebles as of July 2011.

A wide range of accessories were available for the Weebles including vehicles, buildings and furniture. Some sets had a theme to them, such as the Weebles circus set.

Usage examples of "weeble".

Malvern emptied the tapering trunk, converting it into an open-air rumble seat for Weeble, who bounded in like a jet-propelled fifty-liter drum.

Tupper swept him up in an embrace from behind, causing Weeble to grunt in surprise.

The unfortunate Weeble protested in a frenzy of squealing, but his assailants knew all too well what they were doing.

I could get my Weeble to wobble and then fall down forever, but his mother had come in and canceled the bet before I had a chance to use the hammer.

Innocent citizens found dolls and stuffed animals displayed in grisly poses: a plush cat crushed under the couch leg, a baby doll hanging from the ceiling fan chain, a Weeble wobbling at the bottom of the toilet, and others too hideous to describe.

He was roly without being poly, a Weeble of a man she guessed to be taller than her own five-six.

His movements sort of reminded me of those old toys called Weebles, which the commercials proclaimed would wobble but not fall down.

Unlike Weebles, however, Renee would stay down, as long as there was a man ready to crawl on top of her.