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n. kummelweck bread


WECK (1230 AM) is a radio station located in the Buffalo, New York, area ( Cheektowaga). Founded in 1956 as WNIA, the station currently is owned by Culver Communications. WECK airs an adult standards music format branded as "Timeless WECK". WECK also carries Fox News Radio updates followed by local news and weather updates supplied by Buffalo television station WGRZ.

WECK had previously aired the adult standards format to significant success from 1981 to 2006. From early 2006 until March 11, 2008, WECK aired the Jones Radio Network's classic country format. Talk radio was heard on WECK from March 12, 2008 until July 12, 2011. From that point to May 16, 2013, WECK aired a middle-of-the-road (MOR) format which it branded "The Breeze", at which point it returned to adult standards.

Usage examples of "weck".

Peter Weck drives up in a new sports convertible and presently drives away again, but before he was on his own and now the enchanting Corny Collins with the dimples in her cheeks is sitting beside him, snuggling up and bubbling over with charm.

Corny Collins anyway because the latter already belongs to Peter Weck, but he tries hard.

Allow up to 6 wecks for and destroy the last free outpost of humanity.