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a. devious; misleading.

Usage examples of "weasely".

He had come to know Bunkus Smealy well over the last few months and, though he was not overfond of the weasely man, he could not help but feel some sense of loss.

Compared to the sniping, weasely sons of bitches who had been leading America for the last few decades, he seemed like a throwback to the days when leaders were leaders, when there was such a thing as a great man.

It had been a weasely answer, typical of Lord, whose ways she had known for twenty-seven years.

He had a sharp weasely face and a miserable body on which each bone showed.

Daniel Peck glared at them: three sailors, a colored boy in a crocheted cap, and a sallow, weasely woman with four children whom she kept slapping and pinching.

But no sooner than they said the words, two men walked off the main lift from the decks above: one burly Talagarian security guard named Heest, the one she'd injured badly—and had pissed off—and another man whom Jordan recognized as one of Moray's weasely red-eyed aides.

There are stocky, muscular wrenchers, narrow-bodied cable-jockeys, weasely pilots, and morosely exacting androne managers.