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Usage examples of "weane".

Barely weaned, his children already spoke better than most colts half again their age.

A baby chimpanzee starts gathering its own food as it becomes weaned by its mother.

She bore the litter she had been carrying there, weaned the two males and two females and taught them to hunt the small, elusive game.

Jean-Claude seems to understand, without really resenting it, that he is being weaned away from the frank unvarnished style of his amateur days.

I tell you last night I was trembling like a weaned child before yon blast that blew out of Hell, and you yourself were no better when I found you here.

Midway in life, we are not weaned from affections and pleasures--we still hope.

This will be her fourth litter, and not one lost or a runt weaned yet.

As a result, our children have to have food brought to them for at least a decade after weaning, and that job is much easier for two parents than for one.

Greville, whose husband was absent at Washington, formed, as it were, a weaning time for , from the seclusion of the Illinois.

It is a strange affection, nearly always disappearing upon weaning the child, though this course is not absolutely necessary.

This course of treatment, thoroughly carried out, will seldom fail to effect a perfect cure, without weaning the child, yet this latter course may sometimes become advisable to promote the recovery of the patient.