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WDP may refer to:

  • Web Development Partnership, an independent charitable association in the web development industry
  • Wireless Datagram Protocol, a datagram-oriented element of the Wireless Application Protocol suite
  • Water Dispersible Powder, in trading chemicals
  • Walt Disney Pictures, main movie studio from The Walt Disney Company
  • WDP, is a paintball manufacturer, distributor, and field operator located in England
  • A non-default file extension for HD Photo, a Microsoft imaging file format
  • Workforce Development Program
WDP (company)

WDP, LTD, and more recently doing business as Angel Paintball Sports, is a former manufacturer and distributor of paintball markers and equipment located in England. The company also owns and operates National Paintball Fields, a paintball playing site in Birmingham. WDP is best known for manufacturing the Angel line of electropneumatic paintball markers.

Now in administration.