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Wawa may refer to:

Wawa (timber)
WAWA (defunct)

WAWA was a radio station licensed to West Allis, Wisconsin, serving the Milwaukee area, located at 1590 AM. Its studio and transmitter were located in Elm Grove. For the station's entire existence, WAWA was the sister station to WAWA-FM (later WLUM-FM).

The station signed on the air in 1961, and signed off in 1988, when the owner returned the license to the FCC. Since the FCC no longer re-licenses daytime-only stations, the 1590 AM frequency allocation in the Milwaukee market is considered to be permanently deleted.

Wawa (Malagasy musician)

Wawa is a performer and composer of salegy, a genre of music from the northern coastal region of Madagascar. He is among the most popular contemporary salegy artists and has recorded songs in collaboration with numerous other Malagasy artists. In 2011 he released an album of traditional salegy, featuring kabosy, marovany and traditional percussion accompaniment. Wawa enjoys strong popularity among Malagasy audiences both domestically and within the diaspora, and regularly tours at home and abroad. In 2010 the band completed extensive tours to sold out audiences in France and Madagascar. A music reviewer for Midi Madagasikara described Wawa in 2013 as the "perfect entertainer, who never ceases to perform at the highest levels."


Wawa (singer)

Jin Zhi-Juan (Chinese: 金智娟, born 4 October 1964) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, formerly known by the stage-name Wawa (娃娃 "Doll"). She achieved first success as the singer with the 4-man pop band Qiuqiu Chorus ( :zh:丘丘合唱團). After leaving the band to go solo the peak of her popularity was her period with Rock Records (1990-1995) including albums such as Big Rain 《大雨》, and Four Seasons with songwriter Lo Ta-yu, which were also issued under license in the PRC.

Usage examples of "wawa".

Chetowaik, the plover, sang them, Mahng, the loon, the wild-goose, Wawa, The blue heron, the Shuh-shuh-gah, And the grouse, the Mushkodasa!

Dares to stay in my dominions, When the Wawa has departed, When the wild-goose has gone southward, And the heron, the Shuh-shuh-gah, Long ago departed southward?

He it was who sent the wood-birds, Sent the robin, the Opechee, Sent the bluebird, the Owaissa, Sent the Shawshaw, sent the swallow, Sent the wild-goose, Wawa, northward, Sent the melons and tobacco, And the grapes in purple clusters.

Saw the deer start from the thicket, Saw the rabbit in his burrow, Heard the pheasant, Bena, drumming, Heard the squirrel, Adjidaumo, Rattling in his hoard of acorns, Saw the pigeon, the Omeme, Building nests among the pinetrees, And in flocks the wild-goose, Wawa, Flying to the fen-lands northward, Whirring, wailing far above him.

I walked a few blocks to the Wawa convenience store and bought a cup of coffee in blue cardboard and a Diet Coke, which I stuck in my pocket.

She had consumed one 64-ounce Wawa coffee, and six hundred thousand calories.

They are all talking about it at the quaint coffee shops, in the bars and pubs, in line at the Wawa minimart, even on the local talk radio station.

I feel no great desire to get gunned down in a Wawa minimart while stopping for a cup of coffee.