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a. (context dialect Scotland and Northern England English) insipid, tasteless.


Waugh is a surname (, or the Scots pronunciation sounding like "Woch" as in the Scots "Loch" (Lake) derived from the proto-Germanic Walhaz, and may refer to:

  • Arthur Waugh, English author and publisher (father of Evelyn and Alec)
    • Alec Waugh, British novelist (Evelyn's older brother)
    • Evelyn Waugh, British novelist
      • Auberon Waugh, British journalist and satirist (Evelyn's son)
        • Alexander Waugh, son of Auberon Waugh
        • Daisy Waugh, daughter of Auberon Waugh
  • Arthur James Waugh, Lord Mayor of Coventry 1962 and City Father
  • Benjamin Waugh, Victorian social reformer
  • Beverly Waugh, American bishop
  • Bronagh Waugh, a Northern Irish actress
  • Catherine Waugh McCulloch, American lawyer
  • Devlin Waugh, fictional comic book character
  • Duncan Waugh, Canadian actor
  • Edwin Waugh, English poet
  • Frank Albert Waugh, American landscape architect
  • Frederick Judd Waugh, American marine painter and camouflage artist
  • Hillary Waugh, American mystery novelist
  • Howard Waugh, Canadian Football League player and 1st 1000-yard rusher
  • Hubert Waugh, English cricketer
  • Jesse Waugh, American artist
  • Joseph Waugh (badminton), English badminton player
  • Keith Waugh (born 1956), English-born footballer, whose clubs included Peterborough United and Bristol City
  • Mark Waugh, Australian cricketer (twin brother of Steve)
  • Phil Waugh, Australian rugby union footballer
  • Pia Waugh, Australian policy advisor
  • Reuben Waugh, Canadian politician
  • Rick Waugh (Canadian) Deputy Chairman of Scotiabank
  • Richard Waugh, voice actor
  • Samuel Waugh, 19th-century American painter
  • Scott L. Waugh, American historian and academic administrator.
  • Steve Waugh, Australian cricketer (twin brother of Mark)
  • Warwick Waugh, retired Australian rugby union player


Waugh (disambiguation)

Waugh is a surname.

Waugh may also refer to:

  • Mount Waugh, Antarctica
  • Waugh Peak, Antarctica
  • Waugh, Indiana, an unincorporated community in the United States

Usage examples of "waugh".

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Loom of Youth, by Alec Waugh This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

Peters, Fraser and Dunlop on behalf of the Evelyn Waugh Trust and the Estate of Laura Waugh.

The view changed to a proper door, which opened into a parlour where Evelyn Waugh rose out of a chair to open an outside door, preceding Astoria out into the rain and raising a large umbrella.

He meandered toward the same closet door, preparing to return to his office, when he was startled by Evelyn Waugh, getting to her feet from a couch beside the wall.

Evelyn Waugh, still in the green dress though with several bodice buttons undone, long dark hair down her back, walked with uncharacteristic stiffness from closet door to desk.

The headmistress herself and two disciplinarians, including the feared Evelyn Waugh, stood along the shuffling line of women, hurrying it forward.

I knew when Jackie Waugh was going to ask Belle Dover to marry him and I spoke to Mrs.

When old Waugh worked on the grounds up there, before he bought the store, he was always saying how Miss Louisa liked to give Mr.

The estate agent Waugh wandered in business obviously was not brisk and gave her an apologetic smile.

He recognized the backpatch of Waugh, a woman originally of the Family Knight, now a Bishop.

The Family always held a Witnessing if a member was wounded or killed in an attack, and this time there had been Waugh and Leveerbrok, both brought down by electric weapons.

This bit of foolishness had gotten their minds off Waugh and Leveerbrok.

There was a squeal and a scuffle and a thud, and something grey and hairy made off through the thickets carrying its victim, with Waugh and three of the younger men in hot pursuit.

But Waugh with his throwing spear got the grey monster in the shoulder, and he halted snarling.

There was a fascination for him in that gorge in which Waugh had been killed.