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Watre is a village in Belgaum district in the southern state of Karnataka, India.

Usage examples of "watre".

Then Psyches fell on her knees before her, watring her feet with her teares, wiping the ground with her haire, and with great weeping and lamentation desired pardon, saying, O great and holy Goddesse, l pray thee by thy plenteous and liberall right hand, by the joyfull ceremonies of thy harvest, by the secrets of thy Sacrifice, by the flying chariots of thy dragons, by the tillage of the ground of Sicilie, which thou hast invented, by the marriage of Proserpin, by the diligent inquisition of thy daughter, and by the other secrets which are within the temple of Eleusis in the land of Athens, take pitty on me thy servant Psyches, and let me hide my selfe a few dayes amongst these sheffes of corne, untill the ire of so great a Goddesse be past, or until that I be refreshed of my great labour and travell.

Now gan the golden Phoebus for to steepeHis fierie face in billowes of the west,And his faint steedes watred in Ocean deepe,Whiles from their iournall labours they did rest,When that infernall Monster, hauing kestHis wearie foe into that liuing well,Can high aduance his broad discoloured brest,Aboue his wonted pitch, with countenance fell,And clapt his yron wings, as victor he did dwell.