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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Already reduced to one-tenth of their original extent, these served as a breeding and wintering ground for 12,000 waterfowl.
▪ For target and competition shooting, waterfowl and upland birds, Orvis instructors can teach pointers to novices and experts alike.
▪ He says that he hopes joining the group will benefit his waterfowl collection.
▪ His horse put up waterfowl and once disturbed a whole field of rabbits that scampered in panic towards the hedgerows.
▪ In contemporary times, nowhere is the difference between wild and farm-raised waterfowl more dramatically apparent than with goose.
▪ Once again, waterfowl were everywhere.
▪ The only waterfowl with both red forehead and habit of constantly flirting white under tail coverts.
▪ There were dead waterfowl and dead house pets.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Waterfowl \Wa"ter*fowl`\, n. Any bird that frequents the water, or lives about rivers, lakes, etc., or on or near the sea; an aquatic fowl; -- used also collectively.

Note: Of aquatic fowls, some are waders, or furnished with long legs; others are swimmers, or furnished with webbed feet.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from water (n.1) + fowl (n.). Similar formation in Old High German wazzarvogel, Dutch watervogel.


n. birds, such as ducks, geese and swans, that spend most of their non-flying time on water; especially those of the family Anatidae


n. freshwater aquatic bird [syn: water bird, waterbird]

Usage examples of "waterfowl".

Oblivious of the gathering twilight, however, a small figure continued to lean over the balustrade as though absorbed in watching the waterfowl on the river.

Some trees grew near at hand--the only trees in all this country were along the banks of the river, and under these we rested, and then, the land being fairly dry just here, walked a little way along the edge of the river to prospect, and shoot a few waterfowl for food.

A boiling spring of sweet water ran away from the bank of bushland, forming a little stream that meandered away toward a pale lake, black and white with waterfowl.

He was wearing a plain, gray robe, without ornament, and round his neck a heavy, silver chain of striking workmanship, the individual links fashioned to resemble reed-clusters, rippling pools, willows, fish, waterfowl and the like.

The grasslands lay in a deep violet haze and to the west thin flights of waterfowl were moving north before the sunset in the deep red galleries under the cloudbanks like schoolfish in a burning sea and on the foreland plain they saw vaqueros driving cattle before them through a gauze of golden dust.

On the flat stretches of water that flooded the mudbanks at the creek mouths, Sharpe could see the black shapes of waterfowl.

There was no other furniture in the room, although the eight-foot-high grandfather clock in the adjoining hall contributed a sort of immediate presence with the heaving to and fro of its cannonball-sized pendulum, which made the entire house lean from one side to the other like a drunk out for a brisk walk, and the palpable grinding of its gear-train, and the wild clamorous bonging that exploded from it at intervals that seemed suspiciously random, and that caused flocks of migrating waterfowl, thousands of feet overhead, to collide with each other in panic and veer into new courses.

I followed the course of the canalised stream, and sat for a long time on a shaded bench near the ornamental pond, where some waterfowl with clipped wings were diving and splashing noisily.

This tameness of the birds, especially of the waterfowl, is strongly contrasted with the habits of the same species in Tierra del Fuego, where for ages past they have been persecuted by the wild inhabitants.

There it was, resting insolently in its chock, its heavy butt jammed into the burlap bag of pine needles, the ancient slayer of waterfowl, the perpetrator of outrage.

Hooke had barricaded himself behind a miniature apothecary shop of bottles, purses, and flasks, and was mixing up his dinner: a compound of mercury, iron filings, flowers of sulfur, purgative waters from diverse springs, many of which were Lethal to Waterfowl.

From the edge of the water itself came a deeper sound as giant catapults made from whole sets of leaf springs flung weighted nets out over the waterfowl.

As he came round the islands he constantly met and disturbed parties of waterfowl, mallards, and coots.

He now saw (what had, indeed, been going on for some time) that there was a ceaseless stream of waterfowl, mallards, ducks, coots, moorhens, and lesser grebes coming towards him, swimming to the westward.

When the tidal marshes drained again, it spent the other half of its day as a high and dry hill firmly joined to the mainland once more, but surrounded by treacherous bogs, pools of brackish water, and long, landlocked oxbow lakes where saltwater fish swam in surprised dismay to find themselves cut off from the sea, easy prey to the thousands of waterfowl and wading birds and canny swamp foxes living in the marshlands.