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water pipes

n. (water pipe English)

Usage examples of "water pipes".

Ancient water pipes, weeping with humidity, lined the rough-hewn rock walls.

Maybe we want to block off the water pipes that feeds some of the other stuff.

If they switched off everything and concentrated on cutting the well, there wouldn't be enough heat to keep the water pipes from freezing.

He had to detour off Amsterdam Avenue because from 73rd to 79th the street was a gaping hole where, last week, macadam, rotting water pipes, sewage and enormous bundles of electrical cables collapsed into the subway tunnels, victim, so the city engineers said, of age, constant vibration and a volume of traffic unforeseen by the city fathers of seventy years ago.

To combat the cold, the Titan suit was built on a Heating Garment - a sexless, skintight piece of clothing laced with wires and water pipes.

What little coal is left must be used to keep the water pipes from freezing, and to cook the meals.

The grille was situated high up in the wall of the tunnel, above the level of the heating and water pipes and the brackets for the lamps.

I would have liked to weep, but the ducts were as dry as the hot-water pipes.