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n. (label en humorous) An ideology, doctrine, theory or law that is no longer current or fashionable.


WASM or wasm may refer to:

  • Western Australian School of Mines, a tertiary institution revolving around Western Australia's mining industry based in Kalgoorlie and Perth, Western Australia
  • WASM (FM), a radio station (91.1 FM) licensed to Natchez, Mississippi, United States
  • Open Watcom Assembler, an x86 assembler
  • WebAssembly (wasm), an experimental bytecode format for use in web browsers
  • Merdei Airport (ICAO code), Indonesia; See List of airports by ICAO code: W

Usage examples of "wasm".

After three miles we passed, on the left, ruins of long walls and Arab Wasm, with white memorial stones perched on black.

The Tuwayl el-Suk is nothing but an open and windy flat, where the Hajj-caravan used to camp an adjoining ridge, the Hamra el-Tuwayl, shows spalled quartz, Wasm and memorial stones.