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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By the time they left, they had each used one towel, no washcloths.
▪ Some days she took a hot bath and let hot water fall out of a saturated washcloth.
▪ The woman douses back, and some one else flips at Doi-san with a washcloth.
▪ Their bathroom was stocked with stacks of fresh towels and washcloths.
▪ Use separate sterile, disposable washcloths to clean up.
▪ We walk into the bath with our tiny white terry washcloths.
▪ You can hear the sound of water dripping in the pail and the sound of the washcloth on skin.

n. A small cloth used to wash the face and body.


n. bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body [syn: washrag, flannel, face cloth]

Usage examples of "washcloth".

I started slightly when Grival took a washcloth to my back but reminded myself of all the times Aiten and I had done each other such a service.

Warm lemonade and scented washcloths were followed by lunch and then as the boat cast off and headed once more upstream, the passengers retired either to their cabins or to the sun beds on the upper deck.

Along the bank now, emerging gradually out of the thinning mist, were the rows of ramshackle huts on spidery stilts and the houseboats with tattered washcloths for curtains and the hand sawmills and the floating docks, each with its moored semicircle of sleek longboats radiating outward like elliptical wooden petals.

He filled his arms with cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, gauze, washcloths, hydrogen peroxide and a tin of salve probably as old as his mother.

Gab bie had managed to find a mirror, comb, washcloth, and clean blouse and had barely taken her eyes off Jack throughout the evening.

Then, with the smallest towel as a washcloth, using mostly water, she dabbed and blotted her face clean before reapplying her makeup.

She ran a washcloth along his chest and around his neck, then positioned her hand under the cloth and pretended it was a dog - not that he knew what a dog was, despite the endless hours she'd spent pointing at picture books or oohing and aahing over the real thing in the park.

He returned to the kitchen with a bottle of baby oil and a washcloth in his hands.

A few minutes later he brought me a hot washcloth and a clothes brush.

There was one spectacular full frontal shot of Lieutenant Flynn as she walked toward the showers and the camera, carrying a washcloth and a bar of soap and wearing nothing but her sandals.

Decker quickly brushed his teeth, ran a washcloth over his face and got dressed.

He rummaged around in his outer coat, sorting through his pocket litter: a cigarette butt, a sliver of soap wrapped in a soiled handkerchief that served as a washcloth, part of a day-old pastrami sandwich and a piece of an onion bagel found in a garbage can behind a deli.

Moistening a washcloth with ice-cold water, she draped it across her forehead and flung herself prostrate onto Tyber's oyster bed.

Hesitantly Briaune brought a washcloth to the table to clean up the powdered sugar that she had spilled.

She got off his face, stretched her legs, grabbed a washcloth and washed the pussy juice from his chin.