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a. 1 (context UK Australia New Zealand slang vulgar English) Like a wanker; foolish or objectionable. 2 (context UK slang vulgar English) pretentious.

Usage examples of "wanky".

I even mentioned the wanky idea that the human mind acts as a kind of quantum computer, allowing its ghostly electrons to exist in a multitude of parallel universes, our every decision arising out of a grand consensus .

Marcus Howell was the sort of wanky name that suited senior partners of major law firms.

Now after seven shots and a cranky wanky for Karrie Capshaw and a oneeyed wink of the trouser snake to the ole fraternity boys, he lay down on his dirty sheets and flicked the roaches away from his nest.

Like many who need a job but are not yet interested in a career, Ted parachuted into a whole bunch of wanky employment situations through a temp agency that sent him out to explore the great and disturbing unknown, which remains unknown, I believe, for a reason.

Eh does this wanky wee dance, which Gally, sittin oan a white beanbag, sniggers at, and Birrell smiles as well.

The emissary from Wankier had asked my father for troops, knowing his nation would be next, but he had gone away with our sympathy and little else.