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Wana may refer to:

Wana (song)

is the 17th single by Japanese girl group Candies, released on December 5, 1977. And sold over 392,000 copies.

This was the first single to feature Miki Fujimura as lead singer.

Waña (Peru)

Waña ( Aymara for dry, Quechua for a potato variety, hispanicized spelling Huaña) is a mountain in the Wansu mountain range in the Andes of Peru, about high. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Chumbivilcas Province, Santo Tomás District. Waña lies northwest of Wamanripa, northeast of Chankuwaña, east of Wayunka and southeast of Ikma.

Usage examples of "wana".

It turned out to be a well-worn, animal soft toy, a castoff that had been given to Wana when she had been only two.

He was wiping his eyes with his fingers when Wana leaned sideways in her chair towards him.

By the time they emerged into the Center, Danal and Cawn were already drifting into the big, empty middle and Wana was making a slow, careful jump to follow them.

He would have to replace them before Wana arrived because she might ask questions about them loudly enough for their mother to overhear and begin scolding him.

His mother began scolding him as soon as she saw them moving away from the netting, but by that time Danal and Cawn were shouting questions at Wana and himself so loudly that he was able to pretend not to hear her.

On the first attempt their line was anything but straight, mostly because Wana got excited and flew too far ahead of everyone else.

Danal and Cawn and even Wana suggested changes that made it more complicated and much more fun.

He was careful not to squeeze their thin, shiny bodies too hard, and he was especially gentle with little Wana who had always been his best friend.

Nooz Wana, the Whelmer of Ships, and from the Straits of Pondar Obed I am come, wherein it is my wont to vex the seas.

I have brought her circling from round my shoulders to my waist and thence, with her masts all sloping inwards, to my knees, and lower still and downwards till her topmast pennants flutter against my ankles, then I, Nooz Wana, Whelmer of Ships, lift up my feet and trample her beams asunder, and there go up again to the surface of the Straits only a few broken, timbers and the memories of the sailors and of their early loves to drift for ever down the empty seas.

Te Wana welcomes you to our humble abode with the most celebratory of congratulations.