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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He stumbled with vengeful intent through wide, open-topped courtyards and along covered, low-ceilinged walkways.
▪ The hotel is built around a nineteenth-century palace, with covered walkways to the modern bedroom wings.
▪ A covered walkway, already damp with footprints, led under the Midwest Highway that cut the city like a blade.
▪ a covered walkway
▪ A cloistered walkway bordered the courtyard on three sides, arches supported by white pillars, on each pillar a lamp.
▪ But the Charles Bridge, with it brick-laid walkway and towering Gothic gateways, was the oldest.
▪ Clad in soft cotton kimonos and sandals, guests wander the flagstone walkways on their way to open-air hot tubs.
▪ It was a mass of walkways and nissan huts.
▪ The walkways led to customs checks where there were never any lines and baggage claims where the bags were always waiting.
▪ The Hyatt Regency walkways collapsed while several hundred people were dancing on them.
▪ There he mounted the heads of his victims along the walkway of his tent to impress his evening visitors.
▪ Up above, two flying walkways in oak and steel traverse the space at third and fourth levels.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1865, American English, from walk (v.) + way (n.).


n. A clearly defined path for pedestrians.


n. a path set aside for walking; "after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk" [syn: walk, paseo]


In American English, walkway is a composite or umbrella term for all engineered surfaces or structures which support the use of trails.

The New Oxford American Dictionary also defines a walkway as "a passage or path for walking along, esp. a raised passageway connecting different sections of a building or a wide path in a park or garden." The word is used to describe a footpath in New Zealand, where "walkways vary enormously in nature, from short urban strolls, to moderate coastal locations, to challenging tramps [hikes] in the high country [mountains]". Similarly in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada the " Grand Concourse", is an integrated walkway system that has over of walkways, which link every major park, river, pond, and green space in six municipalities.

In Toronto, Canada, the SkyWalk is an approximately 500 metre enclosed walkway connecting Union Station to the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre (SkyDome). It is part of the PATH network. The SkyWalk passes above the York Street ' subway' and the Simcoe Street Tunnel. It opened in 1989 and it was built to reduce the need for additional parking spaces near the Skydome stadium by providing a direct transportation link to the subway and GO trains. PATH is a network of pedestrian tunnels beneath the office towers of Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the largest underground shopping complex in the world.

In British English, a walkway more specifically refers to a covered or raised passage in a building, typically connecting separate buildings.

Usage examples of "walkway".

I led Pele and Lono and Avoirdupois out the back door, across the little brick patio, across the public walkway, and onto the sand.

Lily out of the water and onto the walkway flanking the lake not a moment before six more crocs attacked the carcass of the dead one.

To the right of the walkway was the drainage way that carried the sewage, the surface of the turbid waters another cubit or so below the walkway.

I strongly suspected that Margot had cloistered herself within the spun-sugar confines of her home, so I retreated to the Embarcadero Center and loitered on the level where the pedestrian walkway linked it to the condominium complex.

Leggy girls in skimpy tops and satin shorts that covered a tenth of their gluteal regions skated by, transforming the walkways between the palms into fleshy freeways.

Pearl-colored loess lay heaped against the western side of the pier in great mounds, spilling over the stone walkway and making it difficult to tell the wharf from the silty depths it traversed.

Despite the ratany silt-break, several inches of pearly loess covered the walkways, and so much dust clung to the building placards that Agis could barely make out the pictures engraved on their surfaces.

Saturday morning to find standing on the walkway in front of the steps a small, unassuming, elderly gentleman nattily decked out in pin-striped suit complete with bow tie and hat.

Barefoot, a rope around pants torn off at the knees, Dan was a lot more typical of the studs that hung around the heated walkways of Nea Limani.

Little Yard, which turned out to be a quadrangle the length of a football field, with ancient trees on a lush green lawn bordered by boxwood hedges and big red-orange poppies blazing amid beds of lavenderish blue nepeta and crisscrossed by worn walkways that looked as if they had been there forever.

Evelyn, who was waiting impatiently on the walkway, the faithful Nidget at his heels.

It turned out to be true to its name--a wooden walkway winding through a desolate forest of skeletal ohia trees, the native Hawaiian trees that provided the magical lehua blossoms she had read about.

Those roaming the walkways and runarounds would commit unspeakable acts on their fellow prisoners and then, in one final moment of desperation, they would hang themselves, hack open their wrists, or beat their brains out against steel bars or cell walls.

But according to my friend, Suz, the Renaissance Harborplace has amazing beds, a sky-top cocktail lounge, and a covered walkway over to the Inner Harbor.

A tribe of golden lion tamarins sat on the rail of the outer walkway and watched mournfully as servants passed the windows carrying fruit.