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*Walhaz is a reconstructed Proto-Germanic word, meaning "foreigner", "stranger", "Roman", "Romance-speaker", or "Celtic-speaker". The term was used by the ancient Germanic peoples to describe inhabitants of the former Western Roman Empire, who were largely romanised and spoke Latin or Celtic languages. The adjectival form is attested in Old Norsevalskr, meaning "French", Old High Germanwalhisk, meaning "Romance", Modern Germanwelsch, used in Switzerland and South Tyrol for Romance-speakers, DutchWaals "Walloon", Old Englishwelisċ, wælisċ, wilisċ, meaning " Romano-British", and Modern English Welsh. The form of these words imply that they are descended from a Proto-Germanic form *walhiska-. It is attested in the Roman Iron Age Tjurkö Bracteate inscription as walhakurne "Roman/Gallic grain", apparently a kenning for "gold" (referring to the " bracteate" itself).