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Wal (bass)

Wal is a brand of electric bass manufactured by Electric Wood Ltd., first in High Wycombe and later in Surrey, England. It was started in 1974 by electronics expert Ian Waller and luthier Pete Stevens. Wal basses are known for their exotic wood selection, custom electronics, superb playability, and excellent quality.


WAL or Wal may refer to:

Usage examples of "wal".

Empire fleet blinked out into space at almost the exact point predicted by Arden Wal.

At the conclusion of the war, De Graves returned to piracy, but his ship was wrecked in a storm close to Walmer Castle.

The wal equally interposite betwixt Columne, and Columne was of most blacke stone, of an extreame hardnes and shining, incloystered about and bordered with a conuenient border of Diasper redde as Coral, adorned with a Lyneament and worke of double Gurgules or Verticules.

We watch as Moyer renders the Yankees outfielder, John Vander Wal, helpless.

Lex was talking wistfully about how he and ole Billy Bob went riding over the desert and how they shot low vectors at the hills and caught sanrabs with their bare hands and Wal found himself laughing.

Wal issued wakers to all when he himself dozed off just before a blink.

His coomb was redder than the fyn coral, And batailled, as it were a castel wal.

To hir biwreyed I my conseil al, For hadde myn housbonde pissed on a wal, Or doon a thyng that sholde han cost his lyf, To hir, and to another worthy wyf, And to my nece, which that I loved weel, I wolde han toold his conseil every deel.

Probably Wal had been the brainchild of Uncle Zoariyi, and the sorcerer's hesitation suggested that he might even be aware of that.

I trowe, at Troye whan Pirrus brak the wal, Or Ilion brende, ne at Thebes the Citee, Ne at Rome for the harm thurgh Hanybal That Romayns hath venquysshed tymes thre, Nas herd swich tendre wepyng for pitee As in the chambre was, for his departynge.

Festes, instrumentz, caroles, daunces, Lust and array, and alle the circumstaunces Of love, whiche that I rekned, and rekne shal, By ordre weren peynted on the wal, And mo than I kan make of mencioun.

And northward, in a touret on the wal Of alabastre whit, and reed coral, An oratorie, riche for to see, In worship of Dyane, of chastitee, Hath Theseus doon wroght in noble wyse.

Lat take a cat, and fostre hym wel with milk, And tendre flessh, and make his couche of silk, And lat hym seen a mous go by the wal, Anon he weyveth milk and flessh and al, And every deyntee that is in that hous, Swich appetit he hath to ete a mous.

Until slight abnormalities had been noted in the encephalogram of Arden Wal the Texican picture of Empire technology had not been a flattering one.

Wal, I didn't hev no idee this fellar was an Isbel until I heard Greaves call him thet.