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The , or "Junior Elders", were high government officials in 17th-century Tokugawa Japan. The position was established around 1631, but appointments were irregular until 1662.

The four to six Wakadoshiyori were subordinates to the Rōjū, or "Elders", and were responsible for a variety of duties. There were periods when the number of wakadoshiyori rose to 6 or 7 at one time.

The wakadoshiyori ranked below the rōjū in status, but they ranked above the jisha-bugyō. These officials were tasked with supervising the activities of members of the feudal class below daimyō status — and this would include the hatamoto (the shogun's direct retainers), craftsmen, physicians, public works and vassals of the shogun whose annual income was less than 10,000 koku.

They also oversaw the activities of offices in the great castle cities of the country, including Kyoto and Osaka.