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Wak or WAK may refer to:

  • Waaq, the name of God in the traditional religion of many Cushitic people in the Horn of Africa
  • Wartburgkreis, code used on German vehicle registration plates
WAK (Kevin A Williams)

WAK (Kevin A Williams) is an African- American, born in Chicago, Illinois in July 1965. He is widely known by his moniker WAK or W.A.K.

Usage examples of "wak".

Then, with a smile, he resumed his wak shaking his head at the wonderment of childhood, when every activity is a game and an excuse for happiness.

Denise and Gary Waks were making out on one side of the high-rise bed, me and Berry on the other.

I became friendly with a guy named Jed in my dorm who was friends with Gary Waks, my Catskills Kisser, from their high school in Brooklyn.

Waker was in a conscientious objectors' camp in Maryland, and Walt was somewhere in the Pacificor on his way therewith a field-artillery unit.

William had jumped immediately from his seat and rushed to the place where Pacificus of Tivoli and the waker were now laying Malachi on the ground, unconscious.

Soon all will end in sleep, and if thou wakest, sure there will be Christ who died, and wipes all tears away.