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Wafa , also known as the Palestine News Agency and the Palestinian News & Info Agency, is the news agency of the Palestinian National Authority, and was "the P.L.O.'s news agency" in the years before the formation of the PA.

Wafa provides daily news from Palestinian territories, Israel and the Middle East, and is available in English, Arabic, French and Hebrew, making it a major source of information over current events for those regions.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mona Khalidi "worked at Wafa."

Wafa (disambiguation)

Wafa may refer to:

  • Wafa, the news agency of the Palestinian National Authority
  • Wafa Movement, a Tunisian political party

Wafa, a common Arabic name, may also refer to:

  • Wafa Sultan (born 1958), psychiatrist and author known for her criticism of Islam
  • Wafa: A Deadly Love Story, 2009 Bollywood film
  • Wafaa (name), a popular Arabic name.
  • Wafaa (party), Algerian political party
  • Wafaa (film), 1950 Bollywood film
Wafa (Geo Tv)

Wafa is a Pakistani drama serial that first aired on Geo Tv on 12 April 2016. It is produced by Babar Javed. It on air every Wednesday & Thursday at 10pm only on Geo Tv.