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n. (WAC English)


WACS may refer to:

  • WACS (cable system) – West Africa Cable System
  • WACS-TV, a television station (channel 25) licensed to Dawson, Georgia, United States
  • Westminster Abbey Choir School, British school for the education of boy choristers
  • The What-A-Cartoon! Show, anthology series on Cartoon Network
  • White Alice Communications System, US Air Force communications system
  • Women's Army Corps
  • World Affairs Council of Seattle, non-profit, non-partisan organization
  • World Association of Chefs Societies, global network of chefs associations
WACS (cable system)

WACS (West Africa Cable System) is a submarine communications cable linking South Africa with the United Kingdom along the west coast of Africa that was constructed by Alcatel-Lucent. The cable consists of four fibre pairs and is 14,530 km in length, linking from Yzerfontein in the Western Cape of South Africa to London in the United Kingdom. It has 14 landing points, 12 along the western coast of Africa (including Cape Verde and Canary Islands) and 2 in Europe(Portugal and England) completed on land by a cable termination station in London. The total cost for the cable system is $650 million. WACS was originally known as the Africa West Coast Cable (AWCC) and was planned to branch to South America but this was dropped and the system eventually became the West African Cable System.

Usage examples of "wacs".

Three wheelchairs, their people mighty frail, two Wacs, both tough little princesses, one fused spine, three mental blanks who drooled, two bedridden, one goldbrick, two mobile but getting over operations, a bosun mate with one arm and an appliance instead of a hand, and a blind quartermaster .