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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"crazy person," 1938, back-formation from wacky. Adjective in slang sense of "worthless, stupid," is attested from late 1990s.


a. 1 egregious. 2 (lb en hip-hop slang) bad (not good), inauthentic, of an inferior quality, contemptible, lacking integrity, inauthentic, lame, or strange. 3 (context slang English) crazy, mad, insane. n. An eccentric; an oddball; a weirdo.


WACK (1420 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a news talk information format and licensed to Newark, New York, USA. The station is owned by Waynco Radio, Inc., and features programing from CNN Radio, ESPN Radio and Westwood One.

WACK is the station where Lowell Paxson, later the founder of Home Shopping Network and PAX TV, began his broadcasting career.

Programming heard on WACK includes National Farm Report with Orion Samuelson, Farming America with Steve Alexander, America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon, a local morning show hosted by Dick Reeves and Rus Jeffrey, Last Night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Dick Clark's Music Calendar, The Laura Ingraham Show, Dennis Miller, The Dave Ramsey Show, The Sean Hannity Show, On the House with the Carey Brothers, and American Standards By the Sea. Any time slots not filled by programming are filled with Yahoo! Sports Radio

The combination of Ingraham, Miller and Hannity forms what the station dubs the "Great American Talk Show Line-Up" (prior to Miller, The Radio Factor was also included in that brandingt). Samuelson's and Alexander's programs are considered to be one show, which is given its own full half-hour time slot under the title "WACK Farm and Agribusiness Report".

Sports programs heard on WACK include the Buffalo Bills, New York Yankees, Syracuse Orange and the NASCAR Sprint Cup, in addition to local high school sports.

Usage examples of "wack".

In the soldier remark, we have an early glimmer of what, in the due course of time, became clear: Barbet was something of a wack.

Chicago, finally, about four in the afternoon, Carpenter phoned Jeanne Gabel at the Samurai headquarters at Wacker and Michigan, and got her after only about half a minute of hunt-and-seek maneuvering.

The objects scattered on the ground are either skullies or wacks, depending on the situation.