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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1943, American English, acronym from Women's Army Corps, formed 1943.


acr. 1 Women's Army Corps (Formerly a US military organization for women) 2 A member of the Women's Army Corps.


WAC may refer to:

WAC (gene)

WW domain-containing adapter protein with coiled-coil is a protein that in humans is encoded by the WAC gene.

Usage examples of "wac".

WAC from the kitchen brought him his steak, Major Horter cut it up for him, and fed it to him, piece by piece.

Three wheelchairs, their people mighty frail, two Wacs, both tough little princesses, one fused spine, three mental blanks who drooled, two bedridden, one goldbrick, two mobile but getting over operations, a bosun mate with one arm and an appliance instead of a hand, and a blind quartermaster .

Zobeidah, the spouse of the Khalif Harun-ar-Rashid, are introduced, which end by the wife re-possessing herself of her original feather garment, and flying off with her two children to the islands of Wac, where her father and family resided.

Dancy had been commissioned in the WAC from her job as executive secretary to the senior vice president for real estate, the Prudential Insurance Company, thirty-six hours before she turned thirty and became ineligible because of her age--but she privately admitted that Richard Canidy was the most desirable male she had ever seen.

If nothing else, that episode with the Wac should teach you the evil of sexual immorality.