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vb. (obsolete form of vie English)

Usage examples of "vye".

Now he watched the milling crowd with a kind of detachment, though Vye was sure he was aware of every move he himself made.

Now he looked at Vye again as if the younger man did have a brain, emotions, some call on his interest as a personality.

Not much later he walked Vye into a small lobby with a discreet list of names posted in its rack.

Why, if Vye Lansor had known what was going to happen to him, he would have been so willing to volunteer, that he would have dragged Hume here.

The crack of the sliding panel door opened and Vye crouched, his hand cupping the only possible weapon, the ration container.

Before the other could recover either his balance or his wits, Vye had the panel shut, the bar locked into place.

Except that to sit here, quietly, in their cramped quarters, not knowing what might be waiting outside, was an ordeal Vye found increasingly harder to bear.

Hume had his ray tube, but Vye was weaponless, unless somewhere along their route he could pick up some defensive and offensive arm.

When they were safely past that point they took a breather, and Vye glanced aloft again.

If they still waited out there Vye was willing to try and break them with his bare hands, should escape demand such action.

Just in case Hume might awake to a state of semi-consciousness and wander off, Vye tethered him with blanket bonds.

As the giant forepaws belabored the wood, strove to lift the body from the ground, Vye worked his way out on another branch.

He had freed the bonds Vye had put on his legs, but his hands were still tied.

Rather he fastened upon the end of that action with the wounded beast, made Vye go through it verbally a third time.

The wall with its sharp corner which Vye had noted from shore level was only part of a water covered erection.