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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1958, short for Volkswagen, which is German for "people's car" (see folk (n.) + wagon).

VW (disambiguation)

VW most commonly refers to Volkswagen, a German automobile manufacturer.

VW, V.W., Vw, or Vw. may also refer to:

  • VW, IATA code for airline Aeromar
  • VW Cephei, an eclipsing contact binary of W Ursae Majoris -type star
  • VW Hamme, Belgian association football club from Hamme in East Flanders
  • VW Herald a single day men's road cycling race held in South Africa
  • Van Wijngaarden grammar (also vW-grammar or W-grammar), a computing language
  • Viewport width, a unit in CSS
  • Vowpal Wabbit, an open source online machine learning library and program