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VVI (company)

VVI is a company started in 1991 by Ed VanVliet, with the view of making computer software specialized to visualization for many technical-oriented industries, including medical device and financial service companies.


VVI may stand for:

  • Variable-voltage inverter, a type of variable-frequency drive system
  • VenevisiĆ³n International, a global television network broadcasting Spanish content
  • Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiments, a group of infantry regiments in the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • Vertical velocity indicator, also known as variometer
  • Viad Corp. (NYSE code: VVI), a marketing company
  • Vinnie Vincent Invasion, an American glam metal band
  • Viru Viru International Airport (IATA code: VVI), an aviation facility in Bolivia
  • VVI (company), a computer software company