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But as a rendezvous almost any jungle clearing would have been more practicable than Peria Vur when he last set eyes on it.

Nevertheless, to Peria Vur they were bound, for that winding track led nowhere else.

It was about nine miles, by a winding route that made fifteen of it, from the Outlook Rock to Peria Vur, and they covered the distance in three hours, which was proof enough that more than a handful of men had been busy.

It stands so high and bulks so big that bonfires on the Peria Vur side would be invisible to any one approaching.

Nor did he wake up until they reached Peria Vur, where they set him more or less at liberty, and he observed that Mahommed Babar was not present.

So whenever Tregurtha questioned him about Peria Vur and ancient Buddhist temples he fell back on silence, vertigo, and incomprehensible mumblings through lips that masked his trickery to perfection.

While he had lain under a displaced paving-stone in irons at Peria Vur his guards, who had had no orders to the contrary, described to him in joyous detail what was taking place, adding exasperating extras for their own amusement.

That fool Macaulay would compel him in self-defense to prove that he raided Peria Vur and captured Mahommed Babar before orders not to do so ever reached him.

It should not be necessary to refer to the manner of your departure from Peria Vur other than to say that I assisted you to escape.

You stuck around, up in the balcony probably, and saw what happened between me and Vur Horston.

He had seen a portrait of me in an old book, drawn long ago when I was using the name of Vur Horston.

A face swam out of memory: Vur Bract, a youngish man with a bent for merchantry.