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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vulcanize \Vul"can*ize\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Vulcanized; p. pr. & vb. n. Vulcanizing.] To change the properties of, as caoutchouc, or India rubber, by the process of vulcanization.

Vulcanized fiber, paper, paper pulp, or other fiber, chemically treated, as with metallic chlorides, so as to form a substance resembling ebonite in texture, hardness, etc.

Vulcanized rubber, India rubber, vulcanized.


alt. (en-past of: vulcanize) vb. (en-past of: vulcanize)


adj. (used of rubber, e.g.) treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity) [syn: cured, vulcanised]

Usage examples of "vulcanized".

In vulcanized rubber, the polyisoprene chains are cross-linked by disulfide bonds.

And the coach was well sprung, on good metal leaf springs, with the new vulcanized rubber tires.

The smell--crisp, pungent new leather spiced with the acridity of vulcanized rubber seams--brought back memories of the new balls we Fish Hawks were handed on game days at Columbia High as we burst out of the locker room led by Konopski and Basch, the co-captains dazzled by the bright lights and cheers of the packed bandbox gym.

For example, vulcanized rubber and the pneumatic tire were developed in the 1820s, for autosteamers.

In it he placed a round disc of vulcanized rubber, with insulated wires leading down back of the baseboard, then out underneath it, and under the carpet.

Now I was taller than he was, gangly, freak-haired, a Tiny Tim of a girl, sitting in gown, bra, and underpants on the edge of an old-fashioned medical table with step-drawers of vulcanized rubber.

More surprising than Charles Goodyears accidental discovery of vulcanized rubber.

Licking his lips, he tasted vulcanized rubber, thinking that it wouldn't be bad with hot sauce or perhaps chocolate sprinkles.

However, there had been soiling which analyzed as a mixture of dirt, residue of asphalt and vulcanized rubber, and motor oil.

A ship's officer sporting a vulcanized rubber rain slicker was telling someone, “.